Looking for a good investment option?

Your investment in students will pay dividends for eternity.

With your help we can see our students graduate with a thoroughly biblical worldview, prepared to influence others for Christ.

What does that look like?

Like Christiana, who came to BJA with a chip on her shoulder, angry at her family situation and weak in her faith. She graduated a transformed young woman, exactly as we hope and work and pray for each graduate. That is …

To see each graduate …

  • understand a thoroughly biblical worldview
  • be relational: view each person as an image-bearer and in a natural way allowing God to take that relationship wherever He wants it to go
  • be capable: have well-developed knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • be an influencer: intentionally impact the culture without being conformed to it
  • be growing: evidence a vibrant, faithful walk with the Lord

Would you join us? You can support any of these student aiding opportunities:

Academy Fund

Your gift to BJA’s annual fund is a gift to all current students and their families as it is applied to areas that enhance and transform the overall educational opportunities and environment for the greatest number of students.


Do you want to change the life of an individual? The adopt-a-student program enables you to provide tuition assistance for a student with qualified financial need to continue or to enroll for the first time at BJA.

Aaron & Hur Fund (Teacher Support)

Like Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ arms, your gift encourages and provides critical support and/or continuing education for our teachers.

Are gifts to Bob Jones Academy deductible?

Bob Jones Academy is a ministry of BJU Education Group, a South Carolina taxable nonprofit corporation. All gifts are appreciated, celebrated and integral to the success of Academy students although not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. If you have any questions, please contact our administrator, Dr. Dan Nelson.