FACTS Family Portal Tips

FACTS Family Portal (website version)

  • As a responsive website, the look will change depending on the size or direction of your screen. These screenshots are from a laptop–the layout will be different if you’re using your phone held vertically.

After logging in, notice:

  • Lunch menu (click for details)
  • Click “Student” on the sidebar for a summary page for your student/s.








After clicking Student, you’ll be on the Student Home page.

  • Select student name from the dropdown (blacked out here) to choose a student–and see his/her
  • Homework by date or subject
  • Classes (click the numeric grade next to that subject to see assignment details)











Keep scrolling to find

  • Detailed lunch menu
  • Attendance (click for more details)
  • Behavior (click for more details)






Use the sidebar menu to dig deeper into any area.