Hot Lunches

Current Aramark Menu (K3–12)                                              Markham Center Info & Menu (9–12)

Purchasing Aramark Meals

Parents: add money to your family’s account (beginning July 1 for the coming school year)

  • Check out the current rates and meal plans. (Academy Bucks may not be used for Markham Center or BJU Dining Common purchases.)
  •  Purchase Academy Bucks (Academy Bucks expire each school year and are not reimbursed or rolled forward.)
    • at
    • at Aramark’s office in BJU’s Dining Common (cash/check/credit/debit)
    • calling Aramark  at (803) 626-1301 (cash/check/credit/debit)
  • Watch for promotional offers. Here’s a special promotion for Spring 2023.
    • At the start of the semester–possibly other times as well–Aramark will extend promotional offers.
    • Bonus lunch bracelets earned as part of promotional offers are sent home with a student in the family.
    • Bonus lunch bracelets are redeemed by the student (not applicable to parent meals) in the cafeteria for a free meal. (K3–5 students should wear the bracelet until removed by an Aramark employee at lunch.)
    • Bonus lunch bracelets are similar to gift cards and are non-refundable and non-replaceable.
  • Enjoy an Aramark lunch with your child! Call the school office by 8:30 a.m. to order lunch. Cost is deducted from your family Sycamore account.

Aramark employees: process funds from Aramark’s system into Sycamore

  • Please allow one full business day for processing. Example: for Monday’s lunch order, add funds by end of day Thursday.
  • Sycamore tracks meal balances by family (not by individual student)–so the balance is available for meals for each student in the family.

Students: order and enjoy lunch

  • Menus will be available on our website, in Sycamore’s app (easiest) and browser (Info Center|Cafeteria).
  • K3–8: Teachers take lunch count in their classrooms first thing each morning. If a student will be late to school (e.g. doctor’s appointment), parents may contact the school office by 8:30 a.m. to order lunch.
  • 9–12: Sign up in the Markham Center by 8:30 a.m. each day, and then pick up the lunch in the Middle School Cafeteria after 4th hour (Bible/Chapel) by showing your BJA ID card.
  • The charge for lunch is made against the balance in Sycamore when the student goes through the hot lunch line.

Parents: watch balance

  • The current balance available is in Sycamore at My Accounting|Cafeteria|Account. Charges (by the month) are also listed here.
  • As an added service, for families using the hot lunch opportunity, Aramark plans to email the family their current balance on Wednesdays.
  • At the end of the school year, unused balances are not reimbursed, nor will they roll forward to the next school year.
  • In the rare instance when a student comes to school without a lunch and without sufficient funds for lunch, a parent will be notified to bring a meal.