FACTS Tuition Management

BJA partners with FACTS Tuition Management to perform our tuition billing and collections. FACTS is one of the largest providers of tuition payment plans in the industry and gives families a variety of convenient payment options to suit your needs.

This means that

  • All families (including those who have tuition-benefitted students) need to set up an account with FACTS. Note: There is no charge for using FACTS.
  • All payments must be set up through FACTS; BJA/BJU do not accept these payments.
  • FACTS supports parents in their use of the FACTS system: getting help logging in, changing banking information, stopping a scheduled payment, etc. Their customer service number is 1-866-441-4637.
  • BJA manages what tuition and other related charges are added to a student’s bill. For questions concerning tuition, our FACTS Coordinator, Meghan West is your best point of contact. For questions about the bill for a class trip, school shirt, etc., contact Meghan or your student’s school office.

Setting Up the FACTS Account

BJA will send an email from the FACTS system to the person designated as the student’s guarantor (according to the student’s application, or as updated since then). A link in the email will go to the FACTS secure website for the guarantor to be guided through the process of setting up his or her account.

Payment Categories

FACTS uses and bills from two billing categories.

Payment Plans–Includes charges such as regular tuition, LRC tuition, technology fees, and senior fees. Payments can be scheduled the following ways:

  • Full Payment (payment in full by August 5, eligible for a $300 prepayment discount)
  • Semi-Annual Payments (equal installments due August 5 and January 5)
  • Monthly payments (10 payments due on the 5th of the month from August through May)
  • CDC Payment Plan (12 payments due on the 5th of the month from August through July; available only for children enrolled at the CDC)

Incidentals–Includes class-based fees (billed after classes begin), class trips, late stay charges, etc. Charges in this category are due in full each month.

During the billing set-up process, FACTS offers Peace of Mind Insurance. This insurance covers any outstanding tuition balance incurred following the death within the school year of the person who signs the FACTS Payment Agreement or that person’s legal spouse.

Payment Methods

One or several of the following payment methods may be selected. Choices can be changed during the year.

Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) –A bank-to-bank transfer, by which FACTS will automatically process the payment directly through your financial institution on the 5th of the month.  A notification of the funds transfer is sent 4 days before the scheduled draft.

Automatic Credit/Debit Card Payment* –A credit/debit card payment, by which FACTS will automatically charge your credit/debit card on 5th of the month. A notification of the charge is sent 4 days before the scheduled draft.

Invoice – A bill sent by mail or email (based on your choice) about 20 days prior to the payment due date. Payments can then be made over the phone, on the FACTS website, online (via checking or savings account or credit/debit card*), by credit/debit, or by check payable to FACTS. (FACTS Tuition Management, PO Box 2597, Omaha, NE 68103)

*Credit and debit card payments are assessed a service fee (see FACTS for current fee amount).

Future Scholar 529 Plans

Future Scholar 529 Plans can be used to pay your student’s school bill. Due to legal restrictions regarding where these checks can be sent, you may

Tax Information
Child care expense information for taxes is available in FACTS.


FACTS Parent FAQ’s gives more details about a variety of topics.