General Diploma

BJA has two diploma tracks. The college prep track is designed for entrance into a baccalaureate college degree program. The general track, designed for students who have limited academic ability, leads toward an associate college degree program or to occupations that do not require college preparation. This program is designed to encourage the educational process and where possible, will move at a slower pace so that students can better assimilate the critical material. Students who earn a general diploma and enter an associate degree program may still be able to move to a baccalaureate program based on successful performance at the college level.


A student may be recommended for the general diploma track by an academic advisor. This is based on the student’s academic record and standardized test scores, teacher evaluations, and parent requests. Enrollment in the general diploma track must be approved by the academic office.

Course variations

Students in the general diploma track complete the same diploma requirements as those in the college prep track. However, modifications are made in the following areas (modifications are not made in any other courses), provided that the course is specified as a general course:

English, Science and Social Studies: college prep and general track students are in the same classroom at the same time hearing the same lectures; teachers make modifications for the general track students, such as grading on a 12-point scale in lieu of the standard 10-point scale. English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, U.S. History, American Government, and Economics can be general courses. General track students take Global Studies as one of their social studies requirements.

Math: Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II general courses are taught separately from the college prep courses. Though these courses are not taught every year, the course arrangement enables each general track student to complete graduation requirements during his or her normal high school program. General track students take Consumer Math for their additional math requirement. This is not a general course; however, the content enables general track students to complete the course successfully. Because the general math courses are taught at a slower pace, less material is covered and students who take general track math courses are likely unable to move into the college prep math program.

College Prep program with selected general courses

Some students who will finish with a college prep diploma may benefit from the slower pace early in their high school coursework. For this reason, a few freshmen and sophomores may be granted permission to take a limited number of general courses. As with enrollment in the general diploma program, current BJA students may be recommended for these courses by an academic advisor based on the student’s academic record and standardized scores, teacher evaluations, and parent requests. Enrollment in the general course must be approved by the academic office.