Internet Homework Assignments

Academy teachers will periodically assign homework which requires Internet access. Most students have Internet access at home. For those who do not, there are computers available in the Academy’s Testing Center for after-school use from 3:10 until 5:00 p.m. Please note that there are no printers in the Academy Testing Center. The Mack Library computer lab is available evenings and weekends for homework use. Please check online or with the library for scheduled hours of operation.BJA Class
Bob Jones Academy does not control the ever-changing content on the Internet. Although we use a double filtering system on campus, it is impossible to filter everything. Unexpected and questionable advertisements or comments may appear on web pages which a student is accessing. Just as questionable content may appear on a billboard visible during a school trip, Bob Jones Academy does not control, nor condone, this material. We highly recommend that parents provide filtering and monitoring of their child’s Internet activity.
Each student is expected to print his/her homework assignments at home. If a home printer is not working or a student cannot print for some reason, printers are available in the university’s Mack Library computer lab. Note, charges for printing will be applied to your child’s account after a grace allotment of $30 is used.