PECS Certification Renewals

Review PECS Book 2018 for full details–below for the key elements.

Get enough professional development: average 15 contact hours or 1 semester hour of college work per year

  • Contact hours (in general)
    • At least 10 of the contact hours must be live training (including livestreamed) from other (credible) organizations
    • Up to 5 (annual average) may be non-live training or in-house training*
  • Contact hours (additional considerations)
    • *When someone has presented a session for another organization (e.g., SCACS), that session is considered as external even when they present it during training at their own school.
    • A session leader receives twice the contact hour credit for each session presented.
    • Sessions such as CPR count only for PE teachers and coaches.
    • MinistrySafe training counts only once for this purpose even though BJA requires a regular review of that training.
    • Extra hours completed during a certification period? Up to 15 contact hours from one period may be used for the next one instead.

Keep the documentation

  • CEU approval documentation/training certificates
  • Updated college transcript (original from college)
  • SCACS (or other convention) training credit sheet
    • Note: For conventions or courses, when you have documentation for the full training, you can put just the full training event on your log (you don’t need to list each separate session).

Keep a log of that documented PD

Renew on time

  • See details in PECS Book 2018
  • BJA helps and pays for the initial certification; faculty/staff handle and pay for their own renewal. [Use slow mail or email PDF’s and pay over the phone using your credit card.]
  • When not renewed before expiration
    • Late fee applies
    • If expired for more than a year, additional contact hours/college credits are required for recertification

BJA’s PD (to add to your personal log)