Uniforms (K3-6)/Online Store

BJA spirit wear can be purchased here. To reduce costs, spirit wear is ordered in bulk–so the store, visible anytime, opens for orders several times throughout the year. After the ordering period closes, orders are completed. Packaged by the company, the orders are actually distributed at school to save shipping costs. Specific dates for ordering are communicated through BJA’s weekly e-newsletter.

Lands’ End is the sole provider for BJA uniforms. School colors for uniform items are navy, white, and light blue for shirt colors and khaki and navy for skirts, skorts, jumpers, shorts, and pants. For a list of appropriate items by grade level, please reference the chart below. Our Lands’ End school number is 900162611.

School uniforms provide a number of benefits:

  • Increased school unity and school spirit
  • Reduced peer pressure
  • Simplification both of the shopping process and of the “what do I wear” question
  • Group identification for field trips
  • In the long run, reduced clothing costs

Finding great prices for school uniforms:

  • Shop Lands’ End’s terrific sales! One of the easiest ways to catch the sales is to sign up for notifications with a Lands’ End email subscription at landsend.com. Watch for sale prices on certain garments as well as promo code discounts which are received by entering the code in the promo code box at checkout. Look for opportunities for free shipping and free logos, too!
  • Always get free shipping by ordering at the in-store kiosk at Sears.
  • Participate in BJA’s Uniform Exchange opportunity in January and June.
  • Connect with other BJA families who are selling used garments via Facebook or other means.


How can I purchase uniforms without using my credit card online?
Uniform clothing can be purchased using Sears or Lands’ End gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased at BI-LO, CVS, Sears (Haywood Mall), and other stores.

Can uniforms be purchased at Sears?
While BJA uniforms cannot be purchased in the actual brick and mortar store at Haywood Mall, there is an ordering kiosk located in Sears. Sears does carry some of the same styles used as part of BJA’s uniform package, so students can try on items there. Uniform items can also be returned to the Sears store. The best news is that if you place your order using the in-store kiosk, you don’t pay shipping costs regardless of the size of your order!

Can I purchase pants from another vendor as long as the style and color are similar to Lands’ End products?
Lands’ End is the sole provider for BJA uniforms, both for make and logo.

When wearing a uniform sweater or vest, does my student need to wear a uniform shirt?
Yes, students wear uniform shirts under sweaters and vests.

Is it appropriate for my student to wear a non-uniform shirt under his/her uniform polo shirt?
Sure! That is fine as long as the shirt is solid and one of the uniform colors–navy, light blue, or white.

Do all items need to be uniform, including the BJA logo, including pants and sweaters?
Yes, all items need to have the BJA logo.

Would it be ok to roll up or cuff pant legs if they are too long?
No, pants should be hemmed so they are the appropriate length without rolling. 

If a skirt is marked as a “top of the knee” uniform skirt but it is shorter than that on my daughter, can she still wear it?

Uniform skirts need to come to the top of the knee or lower. Lands’ End includes specific hem measurements for each garment: when looking at the specific garment, click “Fit & Size” and then a PDF called “Item Dimensions.” Also helpful are the tall sizes that Lands’ End carries for some items.

Will my child wear his/her uniform for elementary choir concerts or will the current shirts be used?
Choir members will continue to use their current style choir polo shirts. These shirts are royal blue and include the word “choir” under the logo. Boys will wear khaki uniform pants, and girls will wear uniform khaki skirts. Because of staging needs, girls should wear the skirts designated as below the knee or long (A-line skirt or box pleat skirt). Students will continue to wear regular dressy attire for certain performances indicated by the choir director.

Are leggings appropriate for girls?
Yes! Girls are welcome to wear leggings under their knee-length skirts or skorts.

May my student wear BJA Lions shirts as part of his/her uniform?
Lions gear is an important part of BJA! Lions gear may be worn on school spirit days, during spirit week, and for other special days as indicated by the administration. Go Lions!

Are accessories and jewelry appropriate for girls?
Girls are welcome to wear accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and scarves.

What are skorts?
Skorts are skirts with shorts sewn in. They are a comfortable alternative to wearing shorts under a skirt.

My child doesn’t always fit into standard sizes. How do I find a uniform to fit him/her?
That is no problem. Lands’ End has worked to provide what is needed for children of any build. Uniform items come in regular, slim, husky, and plus sizes. In addition, Lands’ End offers the option to custom size an item if a student doesn’t fit comfortably into the listed fits. They are committed to making sure each student is able to get the uniform items needed for BJA.

Does my child need to wear a belt with his/her pants or shorts?
Belts should be worn with pants and shorts that have belt loops. Students may wear belts of their choice. Children in the Primary Center do not need to wear belts.