Title II Funding

Eligible activities

As with any activity that the school district carries out for public school teachers, activities supported with Title II, Part A funds that benefit private school teachers must meet the requirements of the statue. For example, activities to be carried out for private school personnel must be based on a review of scientifically based research and must be expected to improve student academic achievement.

Professional development activities may include:

  • Improving the knowledge of teachers, principals, and other educational personnel in one or more of the core academic subjects and in effective instructional teaching strategies, methods, and skills;
  • Training in effectively integrating technology into curricula and instruction;
  • Training on how to teach students with different needs, including students with disabilities or limited English proficiency, and gifted and talented students;
  • Training in methods of improving student behavior, identifying early and appropriate interventions, and involving parents more effectively in their children’s education;
  • Leadership development and management training to improve the quality of principals and superintendents; and
  • Training in the use of data and assessments to improve instruction and student outcomes.



  • Applies only to K5 and above certified staff (teachers and administrators)
  • Is usually approved for Master’s in Education degrees but not other master’s programs or for doctorates
  • Does not apply to professional development that is entirely religious in nature (e.g., a conference entirely about teaching Bible)


  • Include
    • Conference/convention
    • Travel (at a federal rate)
    • Hotel (at a federal rate)
  • Do not include
    • Travel insurance/upgrades
    • Meals
  • Employees requesting reimbursement for more than one PD will need to complete a W9 Form for GCS.


  1. Greenville County Schools allots a portion of Title II funding to BJA (around September).
  2. Employee completes a Title II Interest Request and uses it to discuss approval with principal.
  3. If approved by principal, principal will collaborate with other principals about availability of funds.
  4. If approved for funding by principals, employee submits the Interest Request to Tami Bucholtz (please send as Word doc) who can verify with GCS that the request will be approved by Title II.
  5. Employee* pays for the training/travel, saving reimbursable receipts (a credit card statement can also be used–be sure to redact information not related to the reimbursement you’re requesting).
  6. Employee participates in and receives documentation of successful completion of PD activity.
  7. Employee submits reimbursement request with documentation of successful completion and receipts to Tami Bucholtz (by around May 10; if you need more time, please communicate directly with Tami).
  8. Tami submits reimbursement to GCS Title II Coordinator, requesting the reimbursement from BJA’s Title II allotment (by around May 20; documentation not submitted by this time will not be reimbursed).
  9. Title II Coordinator sends an approved reimbursement directly to the employee’s home address.

If you are not sure you can meet any of these criteria, please be sure to check with Tami Bucholtz before paying for or committing to something that you would like to be reimbursed for.

*Funds can also be paid directly to the vendor (e.g., to the organization that offers the conference); you are welcome to check with conference (website/call them) to see if they have a way of working with Title II funds so Title II will pay them directly instead of your having to pay up front.


  • Title II does not cover membership in professional organizations.