2022-23 Parent/Student Handbook Updates

We’ve made a few updates to the digital handbook since it went live in late July. We’ll document any substantive or otherwise notable changes below. Other changes, such as grammatical corrections, will not be listed below.

November 15, 2022

November 4, 2022

  • Updated Discipline Overview handout.
    • Update to 6-12 tardy policy to notify parents and assign discipline points after the 5th tardy.
    • Communication regarding discipline points may come directly from teachers or from the Middle and High School Support Committees
  • Update to the 6-12 eligibility requirements for extracurriculars. The handbook now says:
    • “A student must maintain a positive Christian testimony, including not being restricted by disciplinary guidelines, and maintain passing grades in all subjects to try out for or participate in interscholastic sports or to run for or hold any elected, appointed, or auditioned extracurricular position.”