Graduation Requirements

BJA High School Graduation 2012

Students receiving a diploma from Bob Jones Academy need to:

  • Earn 24 credits in the following subjects:
    • Bible — 2 credits
      (Bible must be taken each semester a student is enrolled in BJA.)
    • Computer Science — 1 credit
    • English — 4 credits
      (English 9–12)
    • Mathematics — 4 credits
      (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional mathematics course)
    • Science — 3 credits
      (Physical, Biological, one science elective)
    • Social Studies — 3 credits
      (U.S. History, Government/Economics, social studies elective)
    • Personal Finance — 0.5 credit
      (Required for class of 2027 and following)
    • Physical Education — 1 credit
    • World Language — 1 credit
    • Electives — 4.5 credits
  • Senior year must be completed as a full time student.

Qualifying juniors and seniors are also able to earn dual credit by enrolling in Bob Jones University courses.

Diploma Tracks

BJA has two diploma tracks. The college prep track is designed for entrance into a baccalaureate college degree program. The general track, designed for students who require a less rigorous academic path, leads toward an associate college degree program or to occupations that do not require college preparation. Read more.