FACTS: Get Started

FACTS Family Portal is the major hub of information at BJA. It contains

  • Academics: your student’s homework, grades, report cards, schedules, discipline, and attendance
  • Family Directory (goes live after the beginning of the school year)
  • Online billing: school bills and payment portal
  • Hot lunch: menu and payment (pre-pay)
  • Emergency notification: when we need to use emergency notification (e.g., school closure due to weather), we’ll contact you using your contact information in FACTS Family Portal. If your contact information changes, please let us know right away using the webform available in FACTS Family Portal.

Setting up your FACTS Family Portal account

  • On the home page of the website, navigate to My BJA and then FACTS Family Portal(PLEASE NOTE: this is a new URL as of July 2023.)
    • If you previously bookmarked the FACTS Financial page, delete the old bookmark and replace it with the new one: https://bja-sc.client.renweb.com/pwr/school/
  • Get started: enter your information
    • BJA’s district code: BJA-SC
    • Your email (use the address to which BJA sent you login notification)
    • Click “Create new account”
  • Create your account: you decide your username and password
    • After you click “Create new account,” an email will be sent which includes a link to create your login.
    • Click the create login link in the email.
    • Type a username of your choosing.
    • Type a password of your choosing.
    • Type password a second time in the “Confirm” box.
    • Click “Save.”
    • A message should display at the top of the browser: “Username/Password successfully updated”
  • Login with your new username and password
  • Or you can watch the instructions (not school-specific): FACTS Family Portal Login (password: Portal)
  • Need assistance? Contact Meghan West.

Learn more about FACTS Family Portal

FACTS Family Portal App options

  • Option 1 (promoted by FACTS representatives): Use responsive site (FACTS Family Portal is a responsive site)
    • Save login information to your favorite browser, and bookmark it or otherwise make it easy for you to access.
    • Add a website icon to your home screen. Search online for something like “add website icon to home screen” for your particular type of electronic device. Follow those instructions to add the icon.
  • Option 2: Purchase a FACTS Family Portal App
    • Search for FACTS Family on the App Store or Google Play Store
    • Recommendation: check the ratings and reviews before purchasing

FACTS Family Portal Tuition/Fees Set-up Information